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 Private Midwifery
Your pregnancy, birth experience and the first few weeks with your newborn baby are special and amazing times in your life which will stay in your memory for ever. You will benefit by accessing the very best care from a knowledgeable professional with whom you develop a trusting and comfortable relationship on a one to one basis. A trusting relationship with a known carer has been shown to provide the best outcome for pregnancy and birth. The continuity of support and care by a known carer also helps to smooth adaptation to new parenthood during the important post birth weeks and so helps to reduce the incidence of post natal depression.
 Private Midwifery provides comprehensive care in the comfort of your own home. All your ante natal care is provided in your own environment and you may choose to have solely private midwifery care or you may wish to continue NHS care concurrently. With either option you may access NHS blood tests and scheduled ultra sound scans if you are eligible to do so.
Throughout your booking with us your needs will be individually assessed, discussed and planned according to your requirements and currently available evidence-based information. If it becomes necessary, a referral to your G.P. or to the obstetric services of the hospital can be made with your consent.
Appointments can be made to suit you and to fit in with your schedule and private scans and blood tests can be organised if preferred. Your appointments will usually be every four weeks until about 30 weeks gestation then every two weeks until 36 weeks and then weekly until the birth. However these intervals are not inflexible and can be organised to suit your needs.
Throughout your booking with us you will be able to have telephone/e-mail contact if you need to discuss anything.We will be on call for your birth from 37 weeks gestation and a back-up midwife or second midwife can be arranged where applicable and you will have the opportunity to meet her prior to the on-call time.

All midwifery care is provided via Private Midwives (UK Birth Centres Ltd.) and is fully insured.
Services include:
*full care for pregnancy, birth and up to 6 weeks post natal
*'mini' packages
*just ante natal/post natal package
*planned hospital birth
*feeding support
*ante natal/post natal consultation
*doula services
*other tailor made packages to suit your requirements
If you would like further information please visit or call on 0800 3800 579  
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