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Would you like a special time, just for you, to enjoy a blissful hour of deep relaxation to enhance your pregnancy and inspire you towards optimum health of body and mind during these important weeks and months?  Yes?  Then Pregnancy Relaxation Hour with Natal Hypnotherapy™  is the perfect choice.

During these wonderfully relaxing sessions you will learn how letting go of any worries or fears about your pregnancy and birth can enable you to prepare for a calm, confident and empowering birth experience.  You will practice effective breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques which you can then continue to use throughout your pregnancy to help you remain calm, focused and more prepared to manage the powerful sensations of labour and birth.

Each session will focus on a particular topic such as, good sleep, healthy eating, overcoming negative comments and  stories, releasing fears, etc.  After the relaxation session we will have an open forum where you can 'ask the midwife' any questions you may have relating to pregnancy and birth. You may also like to share your thoughts and feelings and compare notes with your group of mums-to-be in a friendly and informal atmosphere.  

The relaxation scripts are part of the Natal Hypnotherapy™ award winning program of birth preparation which is endorsed by thousands of birth professionals, mums, dads and various celebrities!

Do wear comfortable clothing as you will mainly be relaxing lying down. You could bring along a yoga mat and a pillow (and maybe a blanket)  as you will benefit from feeling comfortable and cosy whilst deeply relaxing. There will be a few mats/pillows/blankets available for your use if you don't have your own. You may attend these sessions at any stage in your pregnancy - it is never too early or too late!

Pregnancy Relaxation Hour costs £10 each class and pre-booking is essential.
Tuesdays 7-8pm

Venue to be confirmed local to St. Albans

Drop-in classes - pay as you go

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Please contact:

  07923 565578
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Looking forward to meeting you all soon!

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