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Natal Hypnotherapy™ is a simple but very effective learning tool which enables you to gently take yourself into deep relaxation, release tension and fear and prepares you to plan for a calm, comfortable and empowering birth experience.  The added benefit is that this method of positive thought can be adapted to enhance your experience of all aspects of your daily living throughout your life.
'Hypnobirthing' has become a generic term for various methods of self-hypnosis and deep relaxation for labour and birth.  However, Natal Hypnotherapy™ was originated in the U.K., is relevant to the U.K. maternity system and has a wide choice of CD's/downloads which can be used at various times during the pregnancy, birth and in the post-birth weeks.  The birth preparation CDs/downloads complement and enhance the information acquired during the fun and interactive workshops.  Natal Hypnotherapy™ is supported in NHS Trusts and recommended by thousands of birth professionals.
  • Do you want a calm, comfortable birth experience and feel fully in control?
  • Do you want to learn how to manage the powerful sensations of birth without drugs?
  • Do you want to birth your baby gently?
  • Do you want to reduce the chance of needing a surgical or instrumental birth?
  • Do you want to acquire life long learning for deep relaxation?
If you have answered yes to any of the above then Natal Hypnotherapy™ is for you!
  • Do you want to learn how to help your partner to have a calm, comfortable birth experience?
  • Do you want to help your partner and baby avoid drugs during the birth process?
  • Do you want to be able to give positive and practical help to your partner during the birth of your baby?
  • Do you want to feel fully involved in facilitating the best possible birth experience for your partner and baby?
  • Do you want to feel positive and relaxed about the birth of your baby?
If you have answered yes to any of the above then Natal Hypnotherapy™ is for you too!
Natal Hypnotherapy™ consists of 2 workshops: 
The first is Natural Pain Relief 
The second is  Practical Birth Preparation
Each workshop is spread over one full day.   These two workshops comprise the full Natal Hypnotherapy™ course enabling you and your birth partner to gain positive & practical preparation for your labour, birth and beyond.
On the Natural Pain Relief workshop you will learn:
  • Natural ways to reduce pain in childbirth
  • Self-hypnosis skills to overcome fear and increase your confidence and trust in your ability to give birth
  • Effective breathing and deep relaxation techniques
  • How fear and anxiety can have a negative impact on your body during the birth and learn how to reduce it
  • Ways your partner can help you achieve a deeply relaxed state
On the  Practical Birth Preparation workshop you will learn:
  • Practical techniques to help you stay calm and relaxed during the birth including massage, using a birth ball and birthing positions
  • How your body works best during labour and what you can do to help it
  • Practical tools and techniques for your partner to keep you calm, relaxed and ease discomfort during the birth
  • How your emotions change during the labour and signs to look for
  • Effective ways to work with the medical team supporting you
For more information you can go to the workshops page, then either fill in the form in the contact us page, call or e-mail to arrange your course.
Also, you could come along to a Pregnancy Relaxation Hour session at any stage of your pregnancy to experience a soothing introduction to Natal Hypnotherapy™ in the company of other mums-to-be.
Telephone:  07923 565578
The cost of your workshops will include  exclusive downloads so that you can practise and perfect the invaluable new tools you will learn on your course plus a pdf of the 'Effective Birth Preparation' book together with an opportunity to purchase the hard copy at a 30% reduction. 

There is also an option to attend a one day condensed workshop which is very popular with busy parents-to-be. 


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