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"In the weeks before the birth of my second child I became increasingly anxious about doing it again. My first baby was born without any interventions, but I found it painful and exhausting, especially the pushing stage.
I’d heard a bit about Natal Hypnotherapy, but wasn’t sure what to expect from the workshop. The course, run by Lindsay Weitzman, was really comprehensive – comprising everything from the physiology of birth to relaxing meditation/hypnosis sessions and practical tips.
My husband, David, and I practised the techniques and I listened to the CD religiously every night. I found myself becoming much calmer in the lead-up to the birth...even looking forward to it.
In the end, I had a very quick birth – and when it became clear there wasn't enough time to have the waterbirth I'd hoped for, natal hypnotherapy equipped me with the coping tools to adapt to the new situation.
The birth was not pain-free, but using the breathing and visualisation techniques I'd practised, I was able to manage both the sensations and any feelings of anxiety to achieve a positive birth experience.
I’d highly recommend the course to anyone who is keen to experience a calmer and more empowered pregnancy and birth".
After doing the course with you we kept feeling increasingly relaxed and confident about the birth and with quite short notice decided to go for a home birth.

The whole experience was wonderful, the labour was 5 hours but seemed to be over in a flash. I gave birth on our bed and Edward slept through the whole thing in the next room and woke up in the morning to meet his brother.

Despite the fact George was back to back I just had a couple of puffs on gas and air and whilst it did hurt I felt like I could manage it and was in control. So all in all it was exhilarating and really very joyous. The midwives kept saying I was remarkable and one with 35 years experience said she couldn't remember a more instinctive birth and said she was very moved to witness George being born.

So in short we're delighted we did the course and are raving about natal hypnotherapy to anyone who'll listen! We're so pleased we had a completely positive experience so thank you very much.

Natal Hypnotherapy; my experience.

My partner and myself chose to do the two day one-on-one NH course with Lindsay, who was also our independent midwife. The course itself was enjoyable, interactive and thorough, it made sense and there are a few parts of the course that help to prove to you that the techniques WORK to reduce feelings of pain and keep you in control of your breathing which really gave me confidence in it.
One thing I particularly like about NH compared to other similar techniques is that you do not have to use special words or 'pretend' something is different to reality. NH doesn't suggest it can take away the pain for you, it gives you the tools and the confidence to manage and reduce it.

We found the main benefits of the course were: it made my partner feel he had methods that he could use to help me during labour and birth and it made me feel like I had multiple tools to access when in labour so I could try different ones to help at the time. 

The hypnotherapy itself and the CDs we could use at home mainly benefited me by helping me to let go of stress and tension, I noticed I just felt good if I had listened to the CD within the last day or two and the more I listened to the CDs, the more any worries about labour and birth melted away. By the time my birth was about to start I was eager for it and felt no fear at all.

During labour we used the CDs twice, the first time was when I was about 5cms dilated and not yet in my birthing pool, I was being massaged at the same time by my mum and I went into a deep state of relaxation to the point where Lindsay and my birth partners were wondering where my contractions had gone! They were most certainly still there and getting stronger but just having the focus of the voice on the CD and being reminded to breathe calmly made the contractions manageable and much easier, also time slipped by very fast. 

The second time we used the CD was the following morning after I had had a difficult time because I was so exhausted the contractions had slowed and I felt fed up. After some food and some rest I was back in the pool, the CD was on and the contractions started to come thick and fast. 

I believe at this point I was at transition, I did not feel there was much space in between the contractions anymore and when the CD was on I clung to it mentally like a lifeline, if I could just keep listening to the voice and keep breathing, then I could cope. Half of the time I couldn't hear the voice somehow, every part of my body and mind was asleep except for the powerful ache in my tummy. To everyone else, I was still and silent, except for the changes in my breathing.   

Then it was suggested I stood up out of the pool and move around some more, as soon as I was out of the water, the pushing phase began and the pain of the contractions vanished. She was born about 15 minutes later, I had been so relaxed and open that my body had done most of the work moving her down into the birth canal and after the first strong push I did when I was back in the pool I felt the top of her head ready to start crowning!  

The placenta followed in ten minutes (I believe due to my hormones not being inhibited by fear) and my baby was calm, took her first breath almost immediately and latched onto the breast perfectly within half an hour. I used no medical pain relief at all, was able to smile and laugh in between contractions and when I look back now... all I can think is, that wasn't half as bad as people said it would be!


The birth went smoothly. I ended up having an epidural and natural delivery. Although I didn't use the birth centre I still felt hypnotherapy helped me feel very calm about giving birth. I didn't feel any fear and I used a lot of the techniques before I had the epidural and even after I'd had the epidural - particularly '3, 2, 1, relax'. I think the hypnotherapy meant I didn't feel panicked and I could change my plans in a calm way and ended up feeling very positive about giving birth.

Some comments from workshop attendees
Following the Natural Pain Relief Workshop:
"....made me feel far more positive, confident and looking forward to the birth.  I'd definately recommond to anyone planning a natural birth - or any type of birth"
".....we are very happy we attended this workshop.  We feel more confident and enjoyed the excellent and patient teacher"
"I believe I will find what we learnt useful and look forward to practicing it"
"I started off skeptical but enjoyed the workshop and how we can use Natal Hypnotherapy during labour"
"Fantastic course, it answered a lot of questions we had.  Overall we feel more confident about the birth.  Would recommend"

"really enjoyed it - very pleased we decided to do it"

Following the Effective Birth Preparation Workshop:
"A really useful practical companion to the Natural Pain Relief session.  Good mix of physiology, emotional and practical subjects"
"Following this course I am considering home birth for our second child - something I had not considered previously.  I am seriously considering delivery at a birth centre instead of hospital for this first baby"
"Very informative, confidence boosting.  Glad we took the course"
"We would recommend the course to anyone thinking of starting a family - its the most useful preparation for childbirth"
Following the birth:
"I am sure the Natal Hypnotherapy helped towards the smooth intervention free birth"
"Thank you very much for all your help in building our confidence, teaching us the relaxation techniques and allowing us to realise that we can have a natural birth.  Knowing this made me much more relaxed and confident during the whole process"
" I am glad I did the course and even though I didn't fully learn how to deal with the pain through hypnosis alone, it taught me that we do have control over how we want our babies to be delivered.  If I had not done the course I'm pretty certain I would have been induced when they said I should have been out of ignorance and quite probably ended up having an epidural"

"We decided to contact Lindsay for a personal condensed course on hypnobirthing as we had found it hard to get organised enough to attend a group session. The course was instructive and tailored to our needs, we found it very helpful and informative.  The course helped me prepare mentally for the birth and gave both myself and my partner practical techniques for managing labour."



"We had our baby on the 14th January 2017, we were able to have a home birth and I used a birthing pool and the techniques you had taught us. I felt very calm and in control for most of the birth and felt much more able to handle the contractions.


Thank you very much, this birth was what I was hoping for."

"I just wanted to let you know my baby girl arrived into this world on 5/5/17.

Whilst the labour didn't go quite to plan (I had to be induced on medical grounds as my amniotic fluid was low) I did manage to birth using a tens machine, the hypnobirthing techniques and gas and air to my absolute amazement.

I was able to use the techniques we'd learnt with you to help me relax and breathe through the contractions and I trusted my body to do what it needed to do. The relaxation techniques will stay with me for the rest of my life and they have been helping me in other aspects too. Even when I found out I was going to be induced I managed to stay calm and keep my anxiety levels lower than I thought I would.

Thank you so so much for the session - the tools you provided have had a significant impact on my life."


Attendees of Pregnancy Relaxation Hour:
"Attending Lindsay's pregnancy relaxation hour helped me to get my mind ready for birth.  Building trust in understanding that the body knows what it is doing was important to me as I have had one emergency C-Section and one miscarriage. 

My favourite mantra became 'adrenalin is oxytocin's enemy'.  No matter what birth experience you have, learning the basics on breathing and relaxing will help in the birthing environment and beyond.  I ended up having another emergency C-Section and used my knowledge in theatre.     

Pregnancy relaxation is a great way to give yourself space to connect to yourself and your baby and prepare for a calmer and relaxed birthing experience, whatever it may be."

Nilima Patwardhan
St Albans
August 2013  
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