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“I am a mother of 3 grown up children and I have 4 gorgeous grandchildren. I have always been fascinated by the incredible process of pregnancy and birth and have always believed that it is a normal and natural process that can be so empowering when experienced with a calm and relaxed attitude. The memories of childbirth remain vivid for all of your life and even very old women with failing everyday memories can recall every detail of the births of their children.
I trained as a registered nurse as a mature student after my youngest child had started school. Some years after qualifying as a nurse I studied midwifery and after working with the NHS for many years I worked as an Independent Midwife and currently work for a private provider of midwifery services
I have had the privilege of attending many births and those where the parents had a calm and relaxed approach and belief in the ability of a woman’s body to birth her baby have always been the most empowering for the new parents. These births reinforce my firm belief that women are exquisitely designed to give birth to their babies naturally provided the course of labour is uninterrupted.    In contrast, those parents approaching this special day with unnecessary fear and apprehension tend to attract the cascade of intervention which can lead to a poorer more uncomfortable experience and an increased incidence of instrumental or surgical birth.
Having had first hand experience of how Natal Hypnotherapy™ really does work during labour and birth, I was very keen to be trained to spread the word via workshops, midwifery colleagues and parents-to-be so that as many women as possible can benefit.
I am delighted to be able to teach these simple yet highly effective methods to prospective parents so that they can approach their birth day with excitement and joy and without unnecessary fears or tension. This will help them prepare to remain in control and have the very best calm and comfortable birth experience however their birth eventually occurs. Additionally, their new skills will increase their ability to make a smooth transition to new parenthood with their newborn baby."
Please visit the workshops page for more information or contact by:

Telephone: 07923 565578
You could also come along to the Pregnancy Relaxation Hour to gain an experience of the calming effect of Natal Hypnotherapy™ which will help you to feel more relaxed and comfortable during your pregnancy. 
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