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30 November 2007
“Having had a more traumatic birth than I expected for my first daughter, Hannah, I wanted to make sure I gave myself and my new baby every opportunity to have a smoother and less distressing delivery this time round. I wanted to have someone with me who had had the chance to get to know me during my pregnancy, who I could build a relationship with so that when I went into labour I would have someone I both knew and trusted with me.  I therefore decided that the only way for me to achieve this was to use the services of an independent midwife.  I found Lindsay through the Independent Midwives website and she came to meet me and my family so we could ask questions and find out what was involved before signing on the dotted line.
It was the best thing I could have done!  Lindsay visited me regularly at home during my pregnancy, carrying out all the necessary checks which was great as I didn’t have to go to the doctors at all.  It was nice for Hannah to get to know her too, in the comfort of her own environment.
She was there at the end of the phone anytime I was worried or had a query and when the time came she was with me within half an hour.
I had a home birth with a birthing pool which is what I had wanted for my first child and it all went better than I could have hoped.  It was a relatively fast labour and birth and Lindsay was very caring and calm, guiding me through every stage, always keeping me informed of my progress and addressing any of my concerns.  I believe she gave me the confidence I needed to be able to fulfil my dream and when Erin arrived 45 minutes past her due date on the 25 October 2007, I was at home with my husband and mum with Hannah asleep upstairs.  Perfect!  It was lovely being at home with my new family, no hospital ward, my own bed to sleep in and my beautiful new baby with all of us.
Lindsay stayed with us for a while afterwards, so I could cuddle and feed Erin at my leisure.  She then weighed her and checked her and stitched me up before she left us for a well earned sleep.
When Hannah woke up in the morning she met her little sister in her familiar surroundings, where she was comfortable.  It was then marvellous to have Lindsay visiting us daily to begin with and then a few days apart.  Both Erin and I were very well looked after.
The luxury of having it all at home was great especially as I was tired looking after two little girls.  A month later and we have just had our last visit.  You certainly don't get that service on the NHS!
I just want to express our thanks and gratitude to you, Lindsay, for giving me my perfect birth!  I remember you saying on one of your visits that you were convinced I would be able to have the birth I wanted and I doubted that it was possible as I hadn't been able to the first time around.   This time the birth followed my desired birth plan almost to the letter.  Much of that was down to you.  You gave me the confidence I needed, helping to convince me that I was capable of giving birth at home without intervention.  You were there to tell me what I needed to hear at the crucial moments and through your caring and professional guidance I have achieved my dream.
I am convinced that the amazingly positive experience for me this time around has enabled me to get back to normal life and to get used to the new addition  so much quicker than the first time."

June 2008
 "It has been extremely reassuring to have you providing care throughout my pregnancy and beyond.
It was particularly helpful to know you were proactively considering possible problems and preventing them.  It enabled me to feel much more relaxed and confident.
I would recommend your care to anyone and would certainly not want to go through future pregnancies without you."

March-July 2008 
"The antenatal visits were frequent enough that I felt confident and at ease in my pregnancy.  You were positive and reassuring during each check up which left me feeling happy and confident.
I felt encouraged to contact you at any time in between visits if I had any questions or concerns, no matter how trivial.  This was especially reassuring while moving house and doctors.
Your manner was very professional but also very down to earth and approachable which made me feel comfortable discussing any pregnancy issues I had.
During the labour and birth I felt relaxed and confident in my own ability and this was mainly thanks to your positive guidance that seemed tailor made to meet my needs.
After the birth, your aftercare of Tobey and I was wonderful.  I had underestimated how heavily I would rely upon your sunny visits and you really helped me through the first uncertain weeks of motherhood.
We were very happy with the services you provided and won’t hesitate to contact you for our second!"
Many thanks,
Emma & Charles

September 2008
"Lindsay partnered with us between February-May 2008 in the lead up to the birth of our baby.
Lindsay provided weekly pre-birth care which included thorough and detailed mother and baby checks – and the opportunity for ‘dad-to-be’ to also field questions and feel included. Lindsay was flexible in her approach when scheduling appointments and always listened carefully to us – setting aside the time required.
 Lindsay provided all the necessary advice, encouragement and support while present during labour at the hospital (alongside NHS staff) and most importantly, one month’s post-natal support on a weekly basis was also included (i.e: heel prick test, input on breastfeeding and general support with caring for our new born baby daughter – from nappy changing, to expressing, to bottle feeding, to general encouragement and kind words! etc).
We believe that Lindsay provided us with an exceptionally high-level of one-to-one support and clear advice throughout the four month period.  We were able to ask questions and prepare ourselves as much as possible for labour – including the preparation of a birthing plan.  We felt very assured and confident with her calming presence during the birth and her caring bedside manner.  Lindsay also provided us with a copy of her detailed pre- and post-natal notes at the end of our period of care.
We would certainly consider to partner again with Lindsay should we be fortunate enough to have another baby at a later stage.
We wish Lindsay all the best for the future and would recommend her highly to anyone considering working alongside an independent midwife – whether for a home birth or a hospital assisted birth.  We found this was absolutely the right decision for us to work with Lindsay and we were provided with an expert level of one-on-one, personalised care and ultimately the peace of mind in the preparation for the safe birth of our daughter, Beatrice."
 Jane & Alex

November 2008
"My decision to use a private midwife was based on several factors, the first being that this was my first pregnancy, the second being that I wanted to make sure that both myself and my growing baby received the best possible care and attention both before and after the birth and amongst other things it was amazing to be able to schedule my antenatal appointments around my work commitments.  After meeting Lindsay myself and my husband decided that we both felt comfortable and happy to share our special experience with her.
I was lucky enough to have an uncomplicated pregnancy that progressed with no real problems. Each antenatal appointment was informative and due to the fact that there was no rush or pressure at each appointment, I felt relaxed and confident about the pregnancy and birth. I felt that Lindsay was a great help and support at these appointments and put me at ease about the rest of the pregnancy and about the forthcoming birth.
I went into the latent phase of labour early in the morning.  Lindsay was on hand to reassure and guide me through the next stage of labour.  Once full labour had started I phoned Lindsay, who arrived promptly at my home to assess whether we should make a move to hospital, which we did do as soon as she arrived!  Once at the hospital, Lindsay was a God send; I think the labour was so short due to the fact that I felt relaxed and at ease as Lindsay was there.
As this was my first baby I felt the post natal care I received was excellent, as both I and my husband had no idea what we were doing.  Lindsay guided and encouraged us through the first few difficult weeks of parenthood, made sure our new little bundle of joy was doing well and showed us the ropes for the every day care of our baby.  In short, we found that Lindsay was worth her weight in gold, due to her help and support I had a great pregnancy and short birth."

February 2009
"We hired Lindsay in April 2008 when I was several months pregnant with our son Leo.  Lindsay was with me throughout the pregnancy and delivered Leo on October 26, 2008.  Following the birth Lindsay visited us for the first month of Leo’s life.
I have had several unrelated bad hospital experiences and suffered from some traumatic moments in my life and needed to feel secure, confident and continually cared for by someone I knew well and trusted.  Lindsay provided professionalism and great experience paired with exceptional patience and kindness towards us.  Her advice was balanced and she remained open-minded and calm at all times.  I appreciated her respectfulness and pleasant demeanor.
We can’t stress enough how important it was for us to know that we were in safe, caring hands whilst at the same time having ready access to undivided medical care and attention.
In essence we trusted Lindsay with the first precious and extremely important moments of our child's life.  And we would do the same again.  We hope to secure her services and priceless support again with our next child.
We sincerely hope that your birth experience will be as joyful and memorable as ours."
Heike and David

by Nicky Skipworth, mother of Alban born at home on Monday 28 December 2009 
It was just after becoming pregnant that I discovered the Independent Midwifery route and the distinctive care and ethos that all in the field offer to the families they serve. I had had a disappointing experience of birth with my first child but, in spite of that failed attempt at a home birth, I really wanted to try again. Lindsay became a huge part of this journey and it worked out better than I could have ever imagined. The heart of this route lies in the complete faith the mother has in herself, and the faith the midwife has in her, to give birth to her baby at a location of her choosing with minimal intervention. Birth is treated as a normal and natural part of family life so it stands to reason that midwives like Lindsay so often attend home births.
 Having signed up with Lindsay, the difference between hers and the conventional NHS approach suddenly became starkly clear. The doorbell rang and there was my midwife. There was more than enough time to chat and Lindsay was a mine of information. I loved the way she let me make decisions and always stated how likely/unlikely something was to happen. Contact with conventional midwifery services often leads mothers to believe the worst will happen. Lindsay was always reasonable and rational, demonstrating a lack of womanly fuss. She was, though, fast to praise me.
 This level-headed yet deeply caring attitude was particularly appreciated on at least two occasions when, at 33 weeks pregnant, I fainted at work and later, after Alban was born, my husband Martin and I needed late night support as he simply wouldn’t stop crying. On both occasions, Lindsay demonstrated a personal commitment to us and our baby which went far beyond us being her ‘clients’. She was also highly encouraging of Martin at every step and took time to field questions from our curious yet worried nine year old.
 Anyway, at around 2.30am on the day Alban was eventually born I woke with niggles and rang Lindsay who recommended we touch base a little later. A couple of hours later, we spoke again and by 6.30am Lindsay had arrived. Amazingly, the contractions strengthened from that point on but Lindsay let me get on with it; she had complete faith in me and the last thing I wanted was a cheer-leader! 
This approach lasted right up to Alban’s birth and beyond. Lindsay sat quietly next to the pool, monitoring me discreetly but always alert. This was especially important when the cord was found to be around Alban’s neck. Martin has told me how Lindsay calmly untangled him and then placed him on my lap. That was a terrific moment and the fears I had of not loving a second child evaporated instantly. Alban was peaceful and so soft. Again, Lindsay gave the three of us space and, when I was ready, helped me to get out of the pool and await the delivery of the placenta, which came quickly and smoothly. I then walked (which even now, feels amazing) to the lounge where Lindsay had layered towels and blankets on the sofa for me to lie down. 
 And that’s where I stayed for around two hours! Soon after, Alban was given to me and he had a wonderful first breastfeed. After that, Lindsay assessed me physically and said there was very little tearing. She went along with my wishes not to be sutured but I healed really well. I was stunned with how well I felt and I felt so proud of me, Lindsay and Martin! Alban had a thorough check over from Lindsay and was declared perfect in every way!
  By the time Lindsay left for home and a well-deserved rest, we were tucked up in bed and feeling very chilled about the whole thing. Later that evening I had a bath and remember saying to Martin how I could not believe I’d just had a baby – how could I feel so well?! Again, a huge part of that wellness is down to Lindsay who stepped into our lives for a fairly short time and will be a part of it forever. Of course, Lindsay would say it’s the way that birth should and could be for every mother.
 Concerning post-natal care, when not hampered by the snow, Lindsay visited us almost every day for the first 7-10 days. As we became more confident, the visits continued but were less frequent. I was able throughout to ‘phone for advice and support and this got us through a period where we were tempted to give Alban a bottle of formula every day. As it turned out, I was as able to feed him myself as I was to birth him.
 Finally, with Alban aged six and a half weeks, Lindsay made her last visit and it was touching how much of a wrench this was to her. It is to us, as well. 
Martin and I would like to highly commend Lindsay Weitzman as our midwife, your midwife and our friend.  If, on reading this Testimonial, you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch.  
Finally, don’t let anyone try to convince you to fear having your baby at home; it isn’t about being “brave”. There need be no fear of what is well-informed, safe and familiar".   
Nicky & Martin Skipworth 

Testimonial for Lindsay Weitzman – Bex Parish – mother of Chloe born 20 January 2010
"When I became pregnant with my first child I decided to hire an independent midwife because I felt the support from the NHS was lacking as midwife appointments were few and far between. I was working long hours in a stressful job and the limited amount of time I had to think about being pregnant, birth and the prospect of being a parent made me feel nervous and unsure and totally lacking in knowledge.
At our initial meeting I felt instantly reassured and comfortable and knew I wanted to have Lindsay’s assistance throughout my pregnancy and for the birth. She came across as capable and calm and really exemplified what I had imagined I wanted in a midwife. We had regular meetings where Lindsay came to my house and I felt reassured about my baby’s health as well as my own and these meetings also gave me a chance to talk about whatever was worrying me. Lindsay helped me to feel calm and answered the myriad of questions I had about birth.
As this was my first pregnancy, I wanted to give birth in hospital. Although Lindsay wouldn’t be able to deliver my baby, I felt reassured that she would be there by my side to help me birth my baby. When the time came, Lindsay met me at my house and helped me through my contractions. Through her help, I felt empowered and able to cope with the contractions and birthing process. As a result I had a short labour and the birth itself was magical. I feel so positive thinking about it and I’m not sure I would be able to say that now if I hadn’t had her help. She said it was my doing but her support up to and throughout the birth enabled me to get through it – essentially staying in control, which was so crucial to me.
After the birth, Lindsay’s visits were crucial. She was so kind and patient; I really don’t know what I would have done without her. Each time she arrived, my baby daughter’s face would light up. She helped me with breast-feeding, listened to my worries and gave me a shoulder to cry on when things became too much. I feel so indebted to Lindsay; for all the help she gave us and would not hesitate to hire her again for my second child – she was worth every penny."
July, 2010
" We feel incredibly lucky to have had Lindsay deliver our daughter Leila on12 February 2010.  She was born in water at home.
It's difficult to know where to start and so best just to describe the pickle we were in.  We moved to a new area when I was nearly 7 months pregnant.  Although excited about our new home, we had just left a wonderful NHS midwife in London and the plan for our daughter's birth.
Our first shock was meeting our assigned NHS midwife, in hindsight she may have been having a bad day, but that initial meeting can best be described as disastrous; she was cold, upsetting and made us feel like we were reckless with the move and not having a new birth plan in place.
Things didn't get any better when we visited the local hospital.  I've always been nervous of hospital wards and so I was feeling anxious before stepping through the doors, but even then I wasn't prepared for the chaos and sterile atmosphere.
We had been thinking about a home birth because of my fear of hospitals but our new midwife experience and maternity suite visit pretty much made our minds up.
We found Lindsay on the internet and didn't have either any recommendations or indeed a clue as to how any of it would work.  To say that all our eggs were in one basket would be an understatement.
And then Lindsay turned up and changed everything.  Within minutes we felt reassured and confident that we had met the person who would deliver our daughter.
It's impossible to find fault in any of our experience with Lindsay.  In the prenatal sessions, she was warm and reassuring and considering that we started our adventure in the 33rd week, we went from frantic to feeling confident in no time at all.  She always answered her phone and kept every appointment even when it involved driving in snowy conditions.
The birth went perfectly.  I started my contractions at about 6am (very mild) and we rang Lindsay at 7.30am.  She came over and 9ish and we talked about our plan for the day.  We pottered, made tea, walked to the shops and generally tried to relax.  The stronger contractions started at 3.30ish and Lindsay was here within minutes.  From that point onwards Lindsay managed a magic trick of both being discretely in the background and yet being in complete control.  I got in the birth pool at 6pm and Leila was with us at 9.30pm.   Lindsay's years of experience resulted in a smooth labour, free of stress and medical intervention.  I can't think of a more beautiful entry into the world.
To say that Lindsay is generous with her time is an understatement as we found out during our postnatal care.  Leila had no appetite for the first few days, rejected the breast and was exceptionally dozy as a result.  It was actually very stressful.  Lindsay spent hours and hours each day at the house determined to get Leila to breast feed.  We had success on day six.  We would have been lost without her.
Despite not getting in touch with Lindsay until I was full term we struck up a wonderful relationship which I will treasure always.  Our only regret is that we didn't find Lindsay sooner, but we'll definitely be asking her to deliver  number two if we are lucky enough.
We cannot recommend Lindsay highly enough, she was far more valuable than we could have ever anticipated.  Please feel free to get in touch."
Shaheen, Matt & Leila

 March 2010
"We booked Lindsay for the planned home birth of our second child (after having our first son at Watford General)
On paper my first pregnancy, labour and delivery were pretty straightforward.  However, from the moment I arrived at Watford General, I knew I was in the wrong place!  I felt incredibly vulnerable, completely exposed and panicky when I found myself surrounded by bleeping machines, medical implements and that ever-present 'hospital smell'.  I would class myself as a pretty level-headed, down-to-earth sort of person but as we left the hospital with baby in car seat I couldn't help feeling incredibly anxious at ever having to go through that experience again.
Just under 2 years later when we found out I was pregnant with our second child I knew immediately I wanted a home birth.  I explained this to the midwife at our GP surgery and was told that I might not be 'allowed' one, that there would be no consistency in my care (I might be seen by any one of 10 midwives) and that if a midwife wasn't available when I went into labour then I'd have to go to the hospital anyway.
I returned home to my husband in tears at the thought of another hospital delivery.
That's when I found out about Independent Midwives and Lindsay Weitzman.  Appointing an independent midwife goes a long way to securing the sort of birthing experience you want.
During the pregnancy it meant a great deal to have someone experienced, qualified and trusted to talk through my fears.  I felt I could be completely honest with Lindsay and she would give me accurate and non-judgmental advice and guidance.  Importantly, by the time I went into labour I knew that I could trust Lindsay implicitly - we had the time and opportunity to be able to build a relationship (something impossible to achieve with a pool of 10 midwives).
As labour progressed, Lindsay knew exactly what my anxieties were and how to 'manage' me through the contractions.  As painful as it was, I felt far more confident in my body's ability to give birth naturally - without the need for bleeping machines or prods and pokes from the medical staff.
I am convinced this helped to reduce my time in labour, and after just under 3 hours of active labour (and without any medical pain relief) I gave birth to a strapping 8lb 13oz boy in our birthing pool.
OK, childbirth is not something I would want to do every day, but being able to give birth at home in familiar surroundings, without too much intervention, and with a truly fantastic midwife at our side made this a far more positive experience than I could have hoped for!  This has had a knock-on effect in the way that I have bonded with my second son - far, far  quicker than I did with my first.
I would recommend Lindsay without a moment's hesitation - she is very experienced, answers every question honestly and frankly (even the silliest questions), and gives you the confidence to trust in your own ability."

December 2011
"Lindsay supported us through the pregnancy, labour, birth and in the first few weeks of Samuel's life with whole hearted love, care and attention.
Our thoughts when choosing a midwife
Can we make do without?  is it necessary? Is it an extravagance?  Can we justify the expense?
Those are the thoughts that went through our minds when considering whether to instruct Lindsay or not.  We are now able to categorically say that it was one of the best decisions we have ever made.
Our Experience
Our pregnancy went without any complications, the labour and birth was as near to perfect as could be and the assistance post birth was invaluable.
Lindsay took the stress out of everything, answered all the nagging questions as and when they arose that would otherwise have played on our minds.  She fully supported our wishes and eliminated our worries and anxieties.
Lindsay was with us during the labour and when ready, we all went to hospital.  She was able to tell us when we were ready to go and we avoided the horror stories everyone hears of people in labour being turned away from hospital several times when they are not quite ready.
During the labour Lindsay was calm and because (having got to know her) having utmost faith in her competence and abilities, we relied on her advice when dealing with (what turned out to be) over-zealous doctors.  We wanted a birth that was calm and as natural as possible and had been practicing hypno-birthing techniques for weeks.  Our labour could have taken a very different turn if it were not for Lindsay and for that we are immensely grateful.  We cannot express enough how grateful we are for everything she did for us.
If we have another baby there will be no hesitation securing Lindsay as our midwife."           
Charlotte and Philip

April 2012
I only discovered Lindsay by chance on the internet, but I feel so fortunate to have found her.  She turned giving birth from something I was dreading into a positive and happy experience.
We met Lindsay when I was pregnant at about 25 weeks.  This was my first pregnancy, and although I had been physically well with no complications, emotionally I was finding things very difficult.  Unfortunately, despite several attempts I was unable to get any help via the NHS.  I felt that my anxieties would be significantly reduced if I could give birth with a midwife that I had got to know beforehand.  I also wanted some continuity for my antenatal care, so that I wasn’t meeting a stranger every time, and therefore I could have the confidence to talk about my fears and to ask questions.  Neither of these things seemed to be an option.  I was promised that I would be contacted by someone and offered counselling, however this never materialised.  After yet another night of waking up crying I started looking on the internet for solutions, and stumbled across the independent midwives website.  We contacted Lindsay the next morning and she arranged to come and see us at home few days later.  From that point on things improved immeasurably.
From the start I found Lindsay understanding and reassuring.  I hadn’t considered the possibility of a home birth until she suggested it, but the idea of being able to have my baby somewhere that I felt happy and comfortable really appealed.  I particularly appreciated the fact that I didn’t feel under pressure to make any final decisions before the event. Although we were planning to have a home birth, Lindsay made it clear that if I changed my mind and wanted to go to hospital that would be okay, and she would come with us.  Knowing that whatever happened, I would have someone experienced and professional, and that I trusted to help with any decisions, was a huge factor in reducing my anxiety.
In the end Anna was born at home, with no problems or intervention.  I felt safe and reassured throughout.  I had gas and air when I needed it, and had no tearing or stitches. 
I had been so preoccupied with getting through the birth that I hadn’t really thought about anything afterwards.  This turned out to be much more stressful and difficult than I imagined, and I don’t know how we would have got through it without Lindsay.  I wanted to breastfeed, but was really struggling.  Lindsay came practically every day for over two weeks – and even twice in one day on occasions.  She was endlessly patient as Anna and I tried to get to grips with feeding.  Often I found myself just counting down the hours until she was due to come again.   After two weeks of trying everything we could think of, I made the decision to bottle feed.  I was upset about this, but found Lindsay very supportive and non-judgmental.  She continued to offer just as much help with teaching me to bottle feed as she had with breast feeding.  Ironically, a few days after making this difficult decision, Anna appeared to decide that perhaps breast feeding wasn’t so bad after all – so now I generally breast feed, with a top-up from the bottle as needed!
Helen & Phil Page
01727 730748

December 2013

"We decided to use a private midwife for my second pregnancy to have extra support and importantly that one on one relationship. Right from the moment I met Lindsay, I knew that she would be the ideal person and she supported me right through the second half of my pregnancy, birth, and first six weeks post-natal. Lindsay is a calm voice of reason and has a very caring and gentle approach. She was very professional at all times and able to give support from a wide range of angles without being in any way judgemental - eg around my decision to bottle feed. The birth itself was a very relaxed and calm experience. Using Lindsay's suggestion of natal hypnotherapy our son was born without any pain relief being necessary and with me in a much more calm state than I had been during my first labour. Lindsay was instrumental in the positive experience and for that reason alone I would recommend her, but the additional support both during pregnancy and post-natal was an added bonus. If I were to have more children I'd definitely use her again, but unfortunately we won't be putting that one to the test!"

July 2014

My experience with Lindsay

I had my first baby a few weeks ago and Lindsay has been my midwife since ten weeks of pregnancy. I have a 'raised BMI' and at my booking appointment with an NHS midwife at 8 weeks I was told I was 'high risk' and therefore it was recommended that I gave birth on the consultant led unit in hospital. The dream I had always had of a home water birth started to fade at the prospect of having to fight for it and be made to feel that I was putting my baby in danger.

When I met Lindsay and explained how I had always wanted my birth to be, it was met with an entirely different response, not only did Lindsay support my decision, give me unbiased information and help me to put plans in place depending on how my pregnancy progressed but she also had plenty of experience with home birth, including with ladies who have a high BMI.

Throughout my pregnancy journey Lindsay was supporting me to actively manage my health and well being with the result that I did not develop any complications and after birth I had not gained any weight. I also had some consultant appointments and extra scans that Lindsay accompanied me to which gave me the courage to remain clear and focused on my choices and not to be intimidated when the risks were repeated to me over and over again.  I always felt that my antenatal care was very thorough, I particularly enjoyed that Lindsay took extra time to feel my baby's position and growth and listen to her heartbeat from early on. At the end of pregnancy she also helped me to feel baby's position and the head in my pelvis myself, which was amazing.

I highly recommend Lindsay's Natal Hypnotherapy course, it transformed my birth experience, I have written a separate review on that in that section of the website.

Just around my due date we discovered that my daughter had turned posterior (back to back), this caused my body to remain in a pre-labour state for the best part of four days with mild contractions that came and went until the day or so before when they were strong enough that I could not sleep. If I had been under hospital care it is likely that during this phase intervention may have been introduced to try and speed up the process which would have likely resulted in an assisted delivery due to her position. Lindsay was there at the end of the phone to keep me going through the frustration and disappointment of long early labour.  At last true labour started and we found that my body had done its job, my daughter had come back round to the correct position for birth and my magical home birth journey began. 

Lindsay was fully attentive, patient, thorough and adaptive from when she arrived at 11pm to when she left at around 2pm the following day. Lindsay had many tricks up her sleeve; she remained in the background as me and my birth partners got on with things (how I wanted it) but whenever there was a bump in the road she was there with a suggestion or bracing words which got things (and me) back on track. 

At last my daughter was born into my arms in my living room in water, just as I had always wanted. Lindsay checked my placenta, stitched my 2nd degree tear at home, made sure I had a bath and got safely into bed with my little girl and finished all of the notes before she left. She was as tired as the rest of us but her professionalism and care did not slip one bit.

We are now having postnatal visits, Lindsay came to see us every day until she felt confident that me and baby were recovering and breastfeeding well, then getting progressively more intermittent, but just as throughout her care she is still contactable 24/7 which is so reassuring.

I will be eternally grateful to Lindsay for supporting and guiding me to achieve my dream birth, the most magical, wondrous experience of my life... I think it speaks volumes that I cannot wait to do it all again. I know just how different my whole experience would have been without her and I cannot thank her enough. I would recommend her care to anyone who wants to have a brilliantly managed, confident, positive experience of pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period!
Thank you Lindsay,


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